Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A new approach.

Lately I've been doing a little bit of creative spring cleaning. I've been thinking about all the projects I've taken on in the last 10 years or they've evolved, where they've gone, how they've helped me, inspired me, frustrated me, destroyed me, and kind of made me who I am. Amidst the online magazines (before there were blogs, kiddies!), t-shirts, shows, lyrics and songs, research papers, journal articles, photos, and recipes, there was one thing I couldn't identify. A break.

I've basically been going full speed for as long as I can remember (maybe since kindergarten?), each next project being born out of the current...sometimes from whatever way the last project wasn't fulfilling me. I hit the ground running with Effing-Delicious a year and a half ago, and (almost) without fail have posted every week, for you kind and lovely people to read.

But I've hit a bit of a wall, writing the same kind of post every week. There's pressure that I never intended would be there when I started this project. I should have realized it was unavoidable - I jump into everything I start with both feet and am relentless about achieving whatever I feel my creative goals should be. I usually don't realize I've worn out a project until I'm past the point of no return, and end it. But I think I stopped in time with Effing-D.

So I'm not abandoning you - I'm just going to spend the summer looking for a new approach. I want to vary the kinds of postings I bring you. Work on my food photography and post a lot of that. As one friend pointed out I live in a place that is far too interesting food-wise to just commit to the style of postings I've adopted. So I'm not going to make any specific promises. But I do know this: I love food and cooking. I won't post every week, but when I do it's going to be inspired. Something I want to show you, that I'm stoked about. Something that's really truly effing delicious. Like the bread in the photo above (with the inspirational light shining through it). Sally Lunn Bread. So good. Recipe here.

So see you soon - it might not look like me, but I promise it is. My "projects" this summer will include reading a lot of fiction, going to the beach, cooking and gardening...and seeing what kind of writing and photography pop up on their own. Sigh. Feels good just thinking about it.

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