Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh Snap - my 50th Post!

Wow, this is my 50th post! It's hard to believe. I personally think that's toast worthy, so what could be more appropriate than a lovely wintry cocktail recipe?

I'm excited to share an amazing liquor that my dear friends from Philly bestowed upon my husband and I around the holidays - Snap. It's a ridiculously warm and pleasing concoction made with blackstrap molasses, ginger, and other "North American spices" like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as rooibos tea, vanilla and brown sugar. It was cooked up by DIY dynamos Art in the Age (of Mechanical Reproduction) and is a work of pure genius. It has defined our winter cocktails ever since it sauntered into our life, dressed up in a little cream and brown gingham bow, quietly insisting "Drink me, please."

After much experimenting, it was my husband that struck upon our favorite Snap-related cocktail - we've not really named it, but I think of it as the "Double Ginger" because it involves a hefty dose of Ginger Brew, from Maine Root out of Portland. The third very important ingredient is a smooth dreamy bourbon - our favorite is Bulleit, but we've also made this drink lately with Rowan's Creek small batch bourbon, which is absolutely lovely. I'm sure any good quality bourbon would do.

The Double Ginger
by Seth Marois

2 ounces good quality bourbon
1 ounce Snap liquor
3-5 ounces ginger brew (depending on how strong you want it!)

Pour bourbon and Snap into a rocks glass. Add ginger brew. Stir, then add ice. 

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