Friday, January 28, 2011

Pink Porridge.

The northeast has been completely pummeled with snow. I am a self-professed winter lover, but even I am starting to feel closed in by all the icy crystals neatly stacking themselves in heights of several feet. The trees are bowed over, crying for mercy. Snow boots everywhere are organizing protests, claiming to be overworked. Children are bored of sledding, lovers bored of lazy Sundays, snowed in. Cabin fever is rampant! I forget what the ground even looks like!

Anyway Mother Nature needs to take the hint that we’ve all now had too much of a good thing. But with two more official months of winter and no thaw in sight, we need to make the best of what we’ve got, and stop complaining (see first paragraph). And since we’re all being pushed toward hibernation by the snow, my thought was to post about porridge because you know, bears like it…and they hibernate…and stuff.

When you’re done being dazzled by that super slick segue, try this magical recipe for porridge – it’s perfect for being snowed in. I swiped it from the fabulous Lottie + Doof blog, and it captured my heart with the first pink spoonful. Because it’s pink, you know. And it’s simple – boil some berries in water and honey, throw in some oat bran cereal, top with cream, fruit, nuts, brown sugar and snuggle down in the breakfast nook with your favorite Goldilocks to wait out the rest of this insistent season.

Pink Porridge
From Lottie + Doof (called Brooke’s Porridge)

1 cup Oat Bran cereal
2 cups water
1 scant cup of berries (fresh or frozen, strawberries don't work *that* well unless they are fresh and sliced)
pinch of salt
1-3 tablespoons of honey

Suggested Toppings: nuts, fresh fruit, brown sugar, cream

In a medium pot over high heat bring water, pinch of salt and berries to a boil. Add the oat bran and honey and stir regularly until cereal is cooked, about 2-3 minutes. Serve, topped with whatever you like.

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  1. im sorry to say but that porridge does not look at all appetizing, I am normally a great lover of porridge with berries stirred through to add a touch of sweetness & sharpness and a beautiful inviting hue of pink. but this? not for me...