Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New York City Food Tour - Part 1

This past weekend I was in the magical land of New York City.  I had a lot to accomplish in just over 24 hours - seeing a friend off who is leaving for new adventures overseas, catching up with other friends for the first time in what seems inappropriately long...and celebrating one very special lady who is tying the knot with her beloved later this month!

In between all the imbibing, frolicking and burlesque dancing (ooh la la!), I also found time to sample some culinary delights at more than a few gems around this gastronomical wonderland of a city!  All in all though the trip was short, I was left by NYC as I always am...sad that I've never lived there, wondering how I could some day, inspired by everything I was able to take in...and completely in love.  And I'm happy to share these pics with you of Part 1 of my food tour...



Brunch on Saturday morning was at Kevin's in Red Hook, a great artsy/industrial section of Brooklyn often overlooked thanks to its lack of good public transportation.  Kevin's is a small, unassuming place with a yummy menu...we loved the tiny french presses full of amazing Stumptown Coffee.  My model above is demonstrating a perfect pour - thanks Liam!



Later that day we hit the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, the best part of Brooklyn, in my opinion.  This is a massive flea market chock full of quirky antiques, awesome handmade jewelry, and to die for food tents.  The lines were pretty crazy, but we were able to sneak in and grab some amazing fresh juices from the Vaquero Fruits tent...mango and watermelon...delicious.





We made a special trip to Momofuku Milk Bar.  I insisted, after trying their recipes and completely adoring them.  It was a really interesting place - not like normal bakeries where everything is out to tantalize you...it was actually kind of odd that everything came to us from behind high counters, sometimes weirdly pre-packaged...but not odd in an unpleasant way...just mysterious for a bakery...but I guess they have their own thing going.  The soft serve pictured above is their patented Cereal Milk flavor...also kind of unexpectedly authentic tasting...like organic Captain Crunch had soaked in the milk they used.  It wasn't love at first sight, but it grew on us.  The buttery sugary Crack Pie, however, was to die for, as well as the rich yet crunchy Banana Cake Truffles.  Our friends also got potato chip ice cream...which was flat. out. terrible.


We had planned to make it a Momofuku-double-feature and head to Noodle Bar as well, but the line was crazy when we got there, and I would have been late for my amazing burlesque class.  So, we headed to Ramen Setagaya on St. Marks and were not disappointed with the giant, delicious bowls of noodles waiting for us there.  Mine was BBQ pork, veggies and a salty egg in a spicy miso broth.  Top notch.  We're planning to head to Noodle Bar next time, so we'll see how the two compare.  I'm excited to try the authentic versions of dishes I love to make at home!


After a hard night of learning five ways to take off satin elbow gloves, then heading out for drinks, my girlfriends and I found ourselves at Pommes Frites in the East Village.  My lovely french fry model Jill here is showcasing the delicious Belgian fries we treated ourselves to, with frites sauce (probably just mayo, methinks).


Our last meal in town this time was Sunday morning, at Pequena, in Fort Greene.  It's a tiny, amazing Mexican place that has a crazy breakfast menu - the stuff of dreams.  The dish pictured above was amazing - two super crisp tortillas cradling fried plantains and creamy cheese, served with fresh fruit, yogurt and honey.  Heaven.

Over all we had a blast this weekend, even if it was really only 24 hours - can't wait to do it all over again at the end of the month...stay tuned for Food Tour Part 2!  Leave me a comment if you know somewhere I shouldn't miss!

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