Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eggplant and Oyster Fest...tasty photography.

So I never do all-photo posts because honestly, my camera leaves a lot to be desired.  It's okay, but it's old, and I could do a lot more with something more powerful.  It's something I just need to work on.

I consistently have camera envy for my friend Nick.  He always has unique and amazing cameras, and has a great eye for taking photos.  This weekend he and his lovely lady Emily were down visiting for the Island Creek Oyster Fest (which was amazing as usual!), and he took a bunch of awesome shots in my yard and at the festival using his PowerShovel Digital Harinezumi camera.  The macro abilities of this little thing almost make me can do with ease exactly what I CAN'T do with my old beast of a camera.  Please note that the Harinezumi does not take square pictures - Blogger just decided to crop them and I'm not sure how to talk it out of that.  If you click each pic you can see the whole unedited version (sexy!) on Flickr.

Anyway, here are some shots from the weekend - thanks for sharing Nick!


Eggplant 1 (see what I mean about that macro!?)

Eggplant 2 (this one might be my favorite)

Eggplant 3 (or maybe this is my fave)


Castor Beans (will yield crazy alien pink puffball flowers when planted this spring!)

Oyster Fest Tent on Duxbury Beach


Chowing down...

Green Sunbeam over Dux Beach

All photos by Nicklaus Hubben (c) 2010, used with permission by Effing Delicious.

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